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Welcom to the AAAA Database  the Database covers many different resources of the game. The list above will guide you through all the specific databases where you'll hopefully find what you need.

All files are owned and copyrighted by their respective owners/creators. We do not wish to intrude their rights in any way. Should they wish a file to be removed or edited in any way, and can prove ownership, then please leave a message to our admins (Shadow or Heatsinkbod).

When editing any of the files, using them to create something new or displaying them on your site, make sure to give credits to the original authors.The Databases have been made in a way that makes it easy for people to find what they need (this by including and filtering lots of information). Both the Map Database and the Mod (incl. Player Skins) Database have filters to locate themed maps/mods (e.g. Halloween, Christmas, Space etc.). All databases also have a system where you can locate the creator of a file (or search for files with the name of the creator filled in). Next to this there are various other methods that will help you find what you need! (Title, gametype, map load command, skin name, mod-type, detailed categories, pictures, team, game etc.).

Have not got a copy of MOHAA / MOHSH / MOHBT then you can get it here


Download Stats (Admin Only)