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For this script, all players can only have snipers or rifles (plus pistol & grenades), and each player is given both team's snipers or rifles.
If they choose a different weapon class, the weapon is removed as soon as their hand isn't empty anymore and inventory >= 1.
That should prevent most "player::Sentient::deactivateWeapon, Tried to deactivate a non-active weapon in hand 0" errors, but if you see 2+ errors after a player died, he's probably trying his hardest to drop an MG, Bazooka, etc after he spawns, before the weapon is removed (very small chance that he succeeds, if at all).

Whenever a player dies with both rifles (or inventory >= 3, when players in this script start with 4), both rifles or snipers are dropped, and the extra dropped weapon can be picked up or provide ammo.
Whenever a player dies with only one rifle/sniper, or with < 3 inventory items, only one other rifle/sniper drops. Two rifles should still drop if the player threw all his grenades.

I didn't add the "drop the opposite team's rifle or sniper if you drop the weapon without dying".
Since players already spawn with both team's rifles or snipers, it would get out of control if people keep dropping 2 rifles for each drop, then one person could drop 4 rifles when he only has 2 in his inventory