Treblinka Poland 1942

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Treblinka Poland 1942


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Treblinka Poland 1942
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ABSTRACT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
This map is inspired by a real camp inPoland called Treblinka.
To install the map, open up the rar file ( that you havealready managed if you are reading this ) put the filetreblinka.pk3 into your /maindirectory. That&apos;s it! Go play!
To UN-install the map, remove thefile treblinka.pk3 from your/main directory. That&apos;s it!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MAP DATA <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Map name : TreblinkaMap type : SingleplayerGame support : Medal of Honor Allied AssaultVersion : 1.0Relese date : 15/2-2009Map designer : Frederik Nielsen
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KNOWN ERRORS IN VERSION 1.0 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
If you jump down in one of the mass graves you will notbe able to get up again.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CONTACT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> COPYRIGHT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
You MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additionallevels without explicit permission of the author.Also, this level MAY NOT be used for any kind of commercialproduct of any kind without written authorization from theauthor.You MAY distribute this map as long as you include thisfile, intact, in the original archive.You MAY download this map and run it on a public serveras long as you send the author an e-mail about it.You may use any resources from this map (scripts, shaderstextures) as long as you give the author due credit.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GOOD-BYE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Have fun, play Wewelsburg./Frederik Nielsen
Treblinka Extermination camp
Treblinka was a German exterminationcamp in occupied Poland during World War II.Around 850 000 pepole were killed there betweenJuly 1942 and October 1943;the camp was closed after a revoltduring which a few Germans were killed anda small numbers of prisoners escaped.
At Treblinka, arriving train passengers were pulled fromthe train, separated ny sex, and ordered to strip naked.In winter, the temperature often tropped to -20 °C.The guards chose who would go to the "First Aid Station".Pepole who were too resistant to process were taken to theFirst Aid Station and shot. Women had their hair cut off beforegoing into the gas chamber.
The gas chamber had portholed through which theGermans could see the pepole die. After the gassing ofthe victims in the gas chamber, when the doors of the gaschamber were opened, "the disfigured, bitten prisoners,with ears torn off, lay on top of each other in the mostvaried posture." The bodies were initially buried in largemass graves ;in a later stage of the camp's operation,they were burned on open-air grids made of concretepillars and railway tracks.
Today pepole don't think there was a extermination camp,they think it was a Transit Station.

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