Acca Manor

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Acca Manor

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map dm/acca_manor

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Acca Manor


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Death Match

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Acca Manor by AccadaccA
Huge thanks goes to my ol' mate 1337Smithy for fixing my broken scr file.I'd also like to thank Zappa for solving a 3D model problem we both had.Thanks to the "Map Buster" Shadow for beta testing.... quite a few months before release.
Inspired by a country manor seen on a U.K. tv series "Salvage Hunters" starring Drew Prichard, the world renowned Welsh antique dealer.Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to capture a photo or screenshot of the magnificent building facade.
Copy the pk3 file to the "MOHAA\main" directory.Copy the "acca_manoramb" folder to the "MOHAA\main\sound" folder.
Made compatible to be played in AA, SH & BT.It runs 96fps everywhere on my PC, hopefully it runs good for everyone.
This map comes with 192 custom models made by me, AccadaccA.Some are edited default MOH models whilst others are created new from scratch.You are welcome to use these models (shaders and textures) in your maps with due credit given.Another thankyou goes to 1337Smithy for ignoring my follow-up emails of map audio problems I had which lead me to devote more time into making so many bloody 3D models. lol Cheers mate. Wink
1057 total models
20 new "equipment" models + 12 drum models
68 new "furniture" models
45 new "items" models
13 new "lamps" models
12 new "misc-outdoor" models
4 new "nature/fish" models
5 new "nature/horses" models
4 new "nature/shrubs" models
4 new "nature/trees" models
2 new "vehicle" (wagon + hand cart) model
3 new "weapons" models (mobile cannon, stantionary cannon and cannon balls.
192 new models.
I hope you enjoy it. Smile

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