Western Front

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Western Front


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Death Match

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Unfinished needs work


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|]Reish Vedaur[|


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[notes]There is one thing on this map that I'm indecisive about thus far: whether I want the entire map copied and reversed, or just the bunkers.
What is on this map is, for the most part, a mere guideline about what the map will have in the end.
... you'll understand what I'm talking about when I get there.  Here goes the obnoxious list x_x[/notes]
As you can see, everything has been done with normal, 6-sided brushes.  Not ideal, though it is VERY surprising that ONLY ONE is missing when you compile and play.  It's one of them in the trench.
1.  I want the stairs leading into the bunkers from the pillboxes replaced with mud that looks like it's collapsed into the bunker.  I tried this with patch meshes, I've tried normal brushes, and I've tried this with LoD terrain.  In fact, I've tried this several different times in several different methods with every version of the map I've done so far, and none of them have worked anywhere near the way I want them to.
2.  Around the entire circumference (I can't remember how to spell that) there will be a hilly minefield (hills to block visibility beyound there, and minefields to stop from climbing); not just the little ramp thing I put around the map.
3.  The ground should be very uneven LoD terrain, with impact craters at the spots with my pitiful attempts at LoD terrain.  The long thick brushes of caulk -- oh, that sounded SO wrong... -- are actually just guidelines for how long the path between these pillboxes and ->
-> 4.  Now for the part that I'm indecisive about.  After doing all that to what you have from me, I don't know whether or not I want to copy the entire thing, rotate 180 degrees and paste it attached to the end, or just the bunkers.
5.  Just a little battlefield ambient sound.
6.  This last one is not entirely necessary.  You notice the bells and switches in the bunkers and pillboxes?  They should be two seperate alarm systems, for in case someone from the other team invades the trenches.  That's the real challenge in this map, I think; if you feel up to doing it.

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