MOHAA .MAP Tutorials

NOTE: The .MAP website is BACK, UP & RUNNING!!!! All tutorials are again visible on their site ( !!!!!!!!! We will still keep copies of the tutorials + files here for safeguarding, but PLEASE visit the .MAP website to watch all the tutorials in their rightful glory!!!!! Don't forget to visit their forums for lots of information!


Welcome to .MAP Tutorials  ALL Credit to the old .Map web site crew Admins who created all these docs AAAA have just hosted what was left of their site 

Many thanks to all involved on their efforts to create all this info

Index of .MAP Tutorials


Adding Objectives

Advanced Compiling

Advanced Texturing

Ai : Alarm

Ai : Cabinet Guys

Ai : MG 42 with a Spotter

Ai : Spawning Enemy

Ai : Patrolling

Ambient Sounds / Background Music

Arches & Curves

Basic Camera

Basic Compiling

Basic Lighting

Basic .pk3 Creation

Basic Texturing

Bombing Sound Fix

Brush Manipulation

Adding Custom Sounds

Basic Scripting for DM maps


Editing Guide

Exploder Script


First Room

Installing MoH Radiant

Mountable Jeep



Light Beams

Lockable Doors

Basic LOD Terrain

Model Maps

A Guide to MoH Radiant's Interface

Firing Nebelwerfers

Blow up that Multiplayer Objective

Objective : Assassination

Objective : Undercover (Part 1)

Objective :  Undercover (Part 2)

Steal Objects in Objective Multiplayer

Objective :  Stealing Documents

Giving the Player some Weapons


Scripted Exploders

Ai : Tips SH

Ai : Tutorial SH

Decal Tutorial SH

Driving Tutorial 1 SH

Setting Up Objectives

Animated Shutters


Singleplayer Maps without the "test_" prefix

Spotlights linked to MG42's

Sunlight / Skys

Texture Keywords

Triggerable Farplane

Ubersound Work-Around

Vehicles : Moving

Volume Damage


Breakable Windows

Work Environment

Worldspawn Reference Guide

Worldspawn Key Values (Excel)

(use VLC to play the below videos

MOHAA in a bagel video - Basic Room 

MOHAA in a bagel video - Curved road

MOHAA in a bagel video - Curves

MOHAA in a bagel video - Simple AI Scripts

MOHAA in a bagel video - Simple AI

MOHAA in a bagel video - Terrain  

MOHAA in a bagel video - Textures