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St Anger

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St Anger


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***INFO: As you may noticed, the layout is from the well-known map La patrouille by Amigos 3D. It's a redone version, where you can find new zones to improve/change the gameplay. All the textures where renewed to change the atsmosphere. Most of the textures are from COD5. The map works for MOHAA and its expansions Spearhead & Breakthrough. There are custom models too (boxes, furnitures, barrels and more). Thanks for playing Smile Enjoy! ***MAP INFO: Map name: St. Anger (Battle of Saint-Lô) Current version: Final Compile date: Mon Oct 9 20:54:14 2023 Release date: 10/9/2023 Available game mode: OBJ / FFA ***Instructions: Installation -Copy the pk3 into your MOHAA/main folder. Unistallation -Just delete the pk3. ***Known issues: Fully working, no errors or bugs found (yet) ***COPYRIGHT: Feel free to do whatever you want, just keep the credits. Mapping: Amigos3D (2004) Konig (2023) ***Contact: Discord:

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