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PakRadar, the autodownload tool (custom maps etc.) for servers and clients.
There is an Installer included but also a NoInstaller (in which you have to install everything manually). You can choose which one you want yourself.



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Re: PakRadar is it?PakRadar is a custom patch for the MoHAA series that implements an automatic content downloading mechanism into the game. This means that every map and mod you don't have, PakRadar will download for you. And you don't even need to restart the game!How does it work?PakRadar uses a technique called DLL Redirection. It replaces a DLL the game would normally load when started (system86.dll), and acts as a proxy between the game and the original DLL. This means that there's no need to replace the actual .exe files! After being loaded, PakRadar will detour some certain calls in the game to allow the task of detecting and downloading missing files.
Tutorial: How to set up a custom file list for your server V6k 05/13/16 (Fri) 09:41:41 No. 10 In this thread I will guide you step-by-step on how to create a customized list of files that you want your players to download upon connecting to your server.
First, benefits of making your own list:- You can use your own file host instead of the AAAA database, which can speed up the downloads dramatically depending on your bandwidth- You can put custom skins, weapons, everything in the list instead of just maps- Players will download all files once before connecting to your server, which means their connection wont drop for the time they download more and more maps over map changes (no need to detect single missing maps)V6k 05/13/16 (Fri) 09:52:29 No.11
Step 1: Upload all the paks your server needs to a server. These files have to be accessable with HTTP protocol, e.g. would lead to a pak of yours.
V6k 05/13/16 (Fri) 10:06:19 No.12
Step 2: Create the list of files.
Observe from the attached image on how the list is formatted. Everything is case-insensitive, but you have to be careful with the pak MD5's because if it's different than the actual MD5 of the file, PakRadar will download it over and over again upon every connect.
A good free tool for calculating file MD5's is WinMD5 for example.
After you've made the list, upload it to your file server. Once again, it has to be accessible with the HTTP protocol.
V6k 05/13/16 (Fri) 10:14:14 No.13File: 1463134454393.png (107.1 KB, 674x547, step3.png)
Step 3: Add a link to the file list on your server's configuration.
Now pay extra attention here: the cvar HAS to be set with the 'sets' command. 'set', 'seta' or 'setu' will not work, it has to be 'sets'. Otherwise players won't see the link to your list, thus won't download your paks.
After this step everything should be good to go. Test your setup by connecting to your server!

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