MOHAA Windows 8 fix

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MOHAA Windows 8 fix

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=BRATS=Doughboy aka Dough

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Several folks are having issues running MOHAA on Windows 8. I have helped a few folks get it going with 100 percent success rate. Therefore I'm releasing a zip file with the files needed and a read me [ instructions ] on how to get Mohaa working on your windows 8 pc. Simply download this zip file, then unzip it open the MOHAA for Windows 8 folder and follow the instructions in the read me file. If you have any trouble or if for some odd reason it doesnt work for you post your issues here and i'll try to help . Clan=BRATS=Dough [ST]

MOHAA for Windows 8 Patch v 1.00a
By Clan=BRATS=Doughboy aka Dough

1. Right click on the opengl32.dll file and click Copy. Found in this folder [MOHAA for Windows 8].

2. Locate and open your MOHAA Folder. This is the Folder that the MOHAA.exe file is found in. [NOT THE MOHHA MAIN Folder where the maps are]. Now right click in this folder and click paste. After you are done, close the folder out.

3. In the ''MOHAA for Windows 8'' folder you will see a file named dxwebsetup Double Click on that file it will access Microsoft’s DirectX page and download the files needed to run MOHAA on windows 8 after they download it will install them for you.

4. Go play MOHAA! If it still don't work go to your Video Card Manufacturer’s website and Download the latest Driver.
[Note= if you are using a laptop with Intel HD 4000 or 5000 graphics go to Intel’s website to get the driver not the laptop manufactures website.]

Now that your able to play MOHAA on your Windows 8 PC Please consider making a donation to Clan=BRATS= for making this possible by going to and clicking the Donate button.

See you in the Game, =BRATS=Dough