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Well here we have a collection of active MOHAA servers with some info on each...If you have a server then please feel free to add it Beer

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Please note that if you are using Server / TS or Video Code and it does not display after Saving (ignore Preview) edit your post and use the "INPUT FILTER" option at the bottom and choose "PHP"

MOHAA Website's

Listing and info of any related MOHAA websites - (not clans will be seperate section for clans) This section will be for the likes of Mods, Maps info stuff like that Glasses

If you know of a good MOHAA site please share and Post Here -:

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AAAA Service Anouncements

Any information relating to service issues / problems will be reported here

The AAAA Blog Chat Channel

The purpose of this Blog / Chat Channel is to provide an open space for all MOHAA players to chat about MOHAA

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Some more website updates

Joto spotted a problem on Main front page of site where would lag your PC Puzzled - Well after turning on / off just about every module could not find the script causing the problem Jawdropping!

Well was just about ready to become Crazy when I had a few Beer Beer Beer and discovered it to be the Teamspeak 3 script - For some Reason it loops on Refresh guessing it looping with one of the other scripts but for now have gone back to a standard TS3 block - TBH you only need to see who is online so don't see much point in listing all the channels.

Side Menu tidy up

Well done a bit of a tidy up on the menus - Will try to keep the top menu bar with the main links and then the sidebar for tools.....

Have removed a lot of the stuff that would not get used but the ones that are left have some good features.......

Some of the features you should use to help you on the site

My Book Marks

You Will now see your user menu at the top on the left above that is "BOOKMARK THIS" (also displayed at the bottom of every page)

Blog's now available

Blog section now available - this can be used to promote your clan activities, Or anything you want to Write about, Its located in left hand Menu when you can select Blogs for all or your "MY BLOG"

Here I will use it to post about whats going on with AAAA Beer

New Features now live on Website.....

Well two more features now live on Website -:


This Feature now replaces a few sections on Forum which will be locked and deleted where no content is worth keeping.

The purpose of the Support module (which is located top menu bar as "Support" is to raise support tickets / Bugs / Problems / Feature Requests and a like.........

I hope you find it easy to use any feed back welcome............


AAAA hold tight a lot to come..........

Hi All so will try and give an update on new Website and also whats going on Jawdropping!

Well doing my best to get this new website up and running Beer

Its been a bit of a long trip as I have had to do it on my own and try to keep the day to day stuff going as well which has clearly been neglected sorry Shock

I have found this a bit of a tall order to do on my own Sad( got a lot wrong and a lot of problematic issues where I was going round in circles............ Sick

BUT after a long slog of working on this in all my spare time starting to get their now and see the light Cool

Heatsinks Blog A BLAH BLAH

Hi all well website up at long last - many thanks for your patience Cool Well lots to add and fix but please use the new support center to raise any issues -: AAAA support

Lots of new things to come like this blog and other cool stuff.........



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