Welcome to AAAA MOHAA Hosting ANGO

AAAA would like to welcome ANGO to AAAA hosting - ANGO are in the process of moving 2 of their servers and Teamspeak over to AAAA - Their TS server is already up on

This is great news for the AAAA community and helps support us all in building the AAAA community. Most here already know and love ANGO (they paid me to say that) Wink Oups Jawdropping! Sick but joking aside many thanks ANGO - ANGO have been on AAAA for a long time and are part of the AAAA League and have great team and are great fun so great to have your servers now also on AAAA Cool

AAAA Hosted Server names

Hi all this is just a thought and a question but would like to include AAAA somewhere in the hosted server names to help filter and search AAAA hosted servers and also to help promote the community - I appreciate their is not much space on a server name but would like to have something like this - AAAA CLAN name blah blah

here is the vote -: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/content/i-would-change-aaaa-hosted-server-names-include-aaaa-filtering-and-search-and-promote-aaaa

You can feed back here on the blog by adding a comment or in the forums here -:


I have seen many paranormal activity on MOHAA Called cheats

The same can be said for these clips but not all a few I am a sceptic but keep an open mind


Hi all well just wanted to say that you can post Anything on this AAAA Blog - does not just have to be MOHAA / MOHSH related we all need a good laugh so if you have a funny story or link or a joke anything even hobby based get it posted for myself I am into like tech gadgets and the paranormal

Just click this link to post something http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/node/add/blog

AAAA MOHAA Community Teamspeak 3 server

We have a lot of new members the past months so wanted to highlight that we have a Public Teamspeak Server that can be used by all clans for Free - regular clans who dont have their own TS server can use our AAAA TS server for free all we ask is a small donation now and again to help fund the AAAA hosting costs - but its great meeting place for clans and players to meet


AAAA MOHAA Hosting at its best for the community

AAAA are now hosting some of the best MOHAA Clan's running - they come to us because we run it better as a community - its only just begun !! Gametracker Ranking -:  



Editorial: Warfighter vs. Allied Assault – how Medal of Honor went astray

Nice Article here -: medal-of-honor-warfighter-vs-allied-assault

(Thanks to G3mInI From Area51 http://http://www.area51moh.com for spotting the article)




The server for this Saturday will be -: AAAA Stock MOHAA server

We all meet on the AAAA TeamSpeak

No password for server or TS required.

MOHAAC is not enforced but is encouraged please !!! match ID aaaadeathserver

AAAA MOHAA on Facebook and Twitter

Hi all we have created a new AAAA Facebook as we managed to lock our selves out of the old one lol
Find the new Page here -:



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