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Hi all please register your clan http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/node/add/aaaamohaaclans

We are trying to build a database of all active MOHAA clans



MOHAA-ATHON #13 is open to everyone! You do not have to be part of a clan to attend. Join us on TeamSpeak for a weekend of fun!

If you are interested, visit the MOHAA-ATHON website at http://www.Mohaa-Athon.com/ and submit an application for a Featured Server.

AAAA Match League

MOHAAC New version as of 27/02/12


Just some of the updates included in this release!!! -:

mohaacupdates 1_0.jpg

mohaacupdates 2_0.jpg

mohaacupdates 3_0.jpg

MOHAAC - Anti Cheat news


Hi all after we had a test with MOHAAC I sent some feed back in and some suggestions in to the developer

He has now released an updated version

Please check out and report any problems - It picked up some file mismatches on my UK version of MOHAA and Spearhead so have forwarded those onto him but this is looking very good now Cool

MOHAA Anticheat news

Hi all some great news on the anti cheat side of the game -:

Reborn - Quick update off Razor is that the client is almost done so fingers crossed it wont be long before we see an RC version for it...

Joto kindly pointed out this new anticheat -:


Medal of Honor Allied Assault Anticheat

MOHAAC is a standalone anticheat for Medal of Honor Allied Assault.
It is specific to MOHAA, which enables it to verify the directory used to play the game is no different than the developers intended it to be installed

AAAA MOHAA site updates

Hi all well had some great help off Tom from LKW http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/users/betuinhuisd recently while he has been on his school holidays - Tom has updated a lot of stuff on the site a lot of stuff I stuggle to keep up with like the League posts and clan info stiff like that. He has also updated all the clans player lists on the main League page http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAA/kml/index.php?l=1&s=1&mod=table&view=group&no=4.

While Tom has been doing all that has given me chance to do a load of other stuff - some of which is here - :


Well managed to get some time to give the site a new year reboot, many updates some you wont notice a lot under the hood but have rebooted the blog think it may help posters post general info upfront on the main page instead of on the forums.

Anyway been careful not to affect the speed on load so you should not see any difference on performance I hope!!

Any way hope it helps keen to build on a great year we have had on AAAA with all the new clans and players who have joined us.

The OPEN MOHAA Project


Hi all some links and info on the OPENMOHAA project - Lots of work has been done on this by the looks of things.



AAAA How The Hell do I ??

Here in the New AAAA "How The Hell do I ??" we will try to create some help on subjects covering using and Running a MOHAA server and more.

We will try to cover basic and Advanced stuff

Its funny because I have done it myself and been victim....Every ones knowledge is at a different level
- so please try to keep it simple your knowledge will help others Happy

Post a new How the Hell do I ??



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