AAAA Match League

The new AAAA match Leagues are now open to Join - Once at least 3 clans are registered for one of the Leagues that League will start .

AAAA Custom Freeze Tag


Hi the MOHAA-ATHON crew have created a new site -:


You will need to re-register to be able t post.



So much has been added/changed this build. I will try my best to remember all of it.

Hosting payments

Hi all can you please make every effort to pay on the 6th of each month for AAAA hosting - I am trying to budget in some small donations to MOHAAC and REBORN to help with their dev costs - I cant do that if our own budget is in debt so please help and ensure payments are made on time :OK::HOHO:

AAAA Server Hosting for clans and players

Hi all just an update on AAAA community Hosting - we have seen a few Clans shut down last year and currently we have a lot of spare capacity.


AAAA Reward Scheme for Mod Database

Hi all as you know we spent last year getting the AAAA Map Database running and with the help of a few we now have one of the largest MOHAA / MOHSH / MOHBT map databases the majority of the content was uploaded by Shadow and he has done an amazing job finding all those maps - at last look we now have 1989 maps.

What I want to do this year is now build the mod database at present we only have 50 I guess it takes about 5-10 mins to upload a mod depends on how much info is posted the more the better.

AAAA Spearhead Server

Hi all welcome to the new AAAA Spearhead Server

It is running on patch version 2.15 so if you have just installed MOHSH you will first need to install patch 2.0 to upfate to 2.11 first from here -: ftp://ftp.ea.com/pub/ea/patches/mohaa_spearhead/mohaas_patch_20_to_211.exe

AAAA PurePlay ~ MOHAAC AutoKick! MatchID=pureplayerz102

Hi all "Rel" created a server on AAAA hosting but with great regret is moving on - with great credit to Rel he has created a server with a vision of "Pure Play" using MOHAAC - the server has chat disabled to enable just pure cheat no grief or abuse gameplay.

Rel messaged to advise that with regret he was shutting it down due to his own circumstances - With Rel's ok I have offered to take on his server under AAAA and MOHAAC community as I did not want to see his great efforts lost.


Hi all AAAA is now maxed out on TS3 Virtual servers under our licence - what we have got is like over a 1000 channels so its not like we are maxed out it just means that where as most of the existing clans have their own virtual server on AAAA I will be unable to create any more virtual servers.

What does this mean - well MEGA has never had its own virtual server I just use the AAAA TS3 on - I have now revamped and done a tidy up of the channels on AAAA TS3

Merry Christmas from AAAA

Just wanted to thank ALL involved in AAAA for their support and help and donations I am not going to list all names in case I miss someone but been a great year for AAAA - without the support and help of the AAAA crew and members I would have given up years ago but the community has grown so much this past year which is credit to you all.

Special thanks to Linda for helping me run my own clan which is greatly appreciated and also for all her work across the AAAA community.



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