AAAA REBOOT Forum NEWS important !!

Hi all ok we are now live on the new forum http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/forums/forum.php
The forum still has lots of work going on - we have shout box coming soon - and graphics are being worked on by MajorA so soon we will have new layout so bare wih us.....
A few things bust here at present as we upgraded our server - so blogs and Database views screwed at present we are working on it .............

AAAA News and Updates

Hi all with regret the merger with MOH CENTRAL has not worked out so wanted to give you an update on what's next.....
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Well not much has changed really we are carrying on with the DB upgrade to Drupal 8 and have a few talented dudes helping me out as struggling a bit with the project.

MOHAA Revival has been updated to V2

Hi All MOHAA Revival has been updated to V2 please check out :) 
Version 2.0 of Medal of Honor: Revival Edition has been released on December 8th, 2015.  This version includes several improvements, fixes, and additional community written utilities.  Enjoy.

The Revival Is Here

AAAA Hosting Christmas / New Year hosting Special

Christmas is here once again, so lets all have some FUN,  So get your clan a Christmas mod themed server and don't forget to COME to AAAA 
Any New server hosting from AAAA Hosting will have a £2 discount for one month - So even if you only want the server over the Christmas Holiday Break that's fine but if you keep the server after the Christmas break then we will give you another month also with the £2 discount 


ALL Players and Clans Welcome  

TCADMIN Updated for Hosted Servers

Few Features

  • Added option in numeric textbox configuration to write all decimals (0.4000 instead of 0.4).
  • Added option in security configuration to enforce two-step verification on admins and sub admins.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error when loading IPs from Cloudflare's website.
  • Windows TCAGame password was not being shown in the command line preview in service settings.
  • Creating zip files larger than 2GB with the file manager sometimes failed.
  • FTP file list was not in UTC format.

MoH Reunion Live NOW OPEN to all

~ Six Clans ~ Seven Servers ~

~ One Teamspeak ~ Seven Channels ~




For those Hosting with AAAA -:
I have just updated to the latest version -:
New Features
  • Console commands now work with most Windows games that have a text console (Rust, CS, CSS, TF2, Garry's Mod etc).

Hosting and support for AAAA

Hi all reminder payments for server hosting were due on the 06th of each month few outstanding
​Many thanks to all those who have paid so far Smile
We dont mind if you contact us to advise us of late payment but failure to contact us with regret will result in a suspended server -
We are non profit so any shortfall in payments for our hardware has to be made by me so please do help us keep this community going many thanks

TCADMIN updated to latest version

Hi all for those on AAAA hosting we have now updated to latest version - 
release notes below



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