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Hi all check out another great community supporting MOH
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Hey guys l
I should have started this topic one year ago, but you know how it goes... There are just alwaysthings in your mind that you do first. 
Well, here I am. For those who don't know, we created a community for MoHAAS servers. I wantedto give also MoHAA communities here a chance to get to know our project, because we supportall games from the MoHAA trilogy.

AAAA Heatsink updates and Spam attacks

 Hi all - We had some feed back from members here getting frustrated with posting content / comments  and then having to wait for it to be approved this was due to all the spam attacks we get but I have made changes hopefully to resolve this now.
Basics are I was so frustrated with spam attacks I ended up putting in a fail safe to text analy

PakRadar - auto downloader for MOHAA / MOHSH / MOHBT

****UPDATE PUBLIC BETA now Available *********  http://www.x-null.net/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=1267&d=1424756098
-------[ PakRadar v1.0 Public Beta ]--------------[    Written by VATEC6000   ]-------

New home hosting guide handy for lan parties

Hi all handy website here for setting home server 

New MOHAA Website http://mohaarevival.tk/index.php

Hi all just found this website which is handy if your copy of MOHAA is damaged also fixes the lack of GAMESPY support Smile  and will help keep the game a live 


MOHAA Auto Map downloader

Hi all I thought I would raise awareness again of this as it seems still no sign of the REBORN client release.
MMDL auto MAP downloader is fully working !! and uses the AA map database to find maps on custom servers you don't have and automatically downloads them for you.
You can download the mod here -: Please read the additional comment at the bottom as it helps make the install easy Smile

AAAA News Another new Database

Hi all we now have a Prefab database for Radiant Prefabs for MAPS (These are very helpful in creating / editing  MAPS - these are still currently being uploaded by Shadow and Cobra - Please contact Shadow  if you have any Prefabs that can be uploaded these can easyly also be added by your self but please search first to ensure its not been uploaded already Smile

AAAA Hosting Update !!

Hi all this has been an ongoing project of ours to upgrade our community server control - We have opted for TCADMIN after also trying OGP - we had some issues with OGP which is agrat tool and our existing tool SCAPP Watchdog has been amazing - With SCAPP creator being offline for many months now (We Really hope Joto is well and all is ok !!) we had to make the decision to replace SCAPP as we could not wait for the next release which was going to include all the features we require...........

Game spy has now SHUTDOWN

Gamespy updates

Just some info here on some of the other games effected and what solutions are out their -:




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