AAAA Hosting attack on specific server

Hi all today we have had severial attacks on a specific AAAA hosted server so not atacking all but game server / port specific as a result I have consolted our hardware host and we have be banning a lot but from the hardware side on our hosts these attacks were low so not enough to impact the mighty AAAA would be impacted but was enough to effect their target - I cant go into detail as this would give intil to the attacker !!

AAAA Forum

Hi all as you have read we are finishing off the reboot tidy up here - we want to tidy up the forums more many issues their so If you can feed back on reply on this blog what you dont like we will try to fix 



This Website is great on Databases and so on but forum sucks but I can try to fix what we can on it 




Gamespy Shut Down end of Month

Browse MOHAA Servers Post GameSpy Era Credits to Xnull and Own3mall 


AAAA Website Reboot Updates

Well just some quick updates but its a been a busy few weeks and many thanks to Shadow and Goober for their help...........

Brian has been updateing the guides and Tutorials and Goober has been porting over from Xenforo site.........

The whole site has had many changes from core updates to Security 


We have also cut the clutter and mad many things more simply


AAAA Website updates

Hi all we moved back to our existing site as we were not able to progress on Xenforo as Joto has not been active for 2 months, the other site may be completed in the future I just dont know at present. It was important for us to get the existing content back online properly so hence why we are back here.

MAP tutorial Videos

Hi From a post on Modtheater http://www.modtheater.com/threads/mohaa-in-a-bagel-tutorial-videos.38798/  by Trent Gillespie

I have now added these to the .MAP archive - http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/content/mohaa-map-tutorials

Current Hosting charges

Hi all well wanted to review hosting charges and so on...................

Anyway  their is a poll thats running http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/content/how-do-you-rate-aaaa-current-hosting-charges-see-link-current-prices its been running a while now and only has 7 votes but noticed some votes had flagged as that we are to expensive :( 

AAAA Website Reboot

Hi all I am currently thinking about rebooting AAAA website currently on Drupal 6 going to upgrade to Drupal 7 and TBH most of it will not be able to be upgraded so will be fresh start and then import of data from the current site.

Can I have your feed back on this theme - although not much content to look at as its a preview site thats the sort of concept I am going for -:


Merry Christmas from AAAA

No expensce spared we just want to deliver performance cheap hosting for MOHAA so here is our Christmas tree -:


Old .Map website saved

Welcome to .Map Tutorials ALL Credit to the old .Map web site crew Admins who created all these docs AAAA have just hosted what was left of their site

Many thanks to all involved on their efforts to create all this info

The Link has been added to the Map Database menu




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