AAAA How The Hell do I ??

Here in the New AAAA "How The Hell do I ??" we will try to create some help on subjects covering using and Running a MOHAA server and more.

We will try to cover basic and Advanced stuff

Its funny because I have done it myself and been victim....Every ones knowledge is at a different level
- so please try to keep it simple your knowledge will help others Happy

Post a new How the Hell do I ??

So this is in Blog format so please copy and paste this template to keep the layouts standard if you post a new topic -:

Title replace

Audience - Basic to Advanced Server Admin and Novice aspects of concept **** Change all this to your view of audience

Subject - replace here with Subject matter

Function - Replace with its Purpose

Download -: Download Title

http://your link


No Blah Blah on subject matter 8)

Using PK3 editor

Using MOHAA PK3 editor

Audience - Basic to Advanced Server Admin and Novice aspects of concept

Subject - Pakscape editor

Function Modify MOHAA PK3 files



MOHAA mods and core files are based on a file extension called "PK3"

They are stored in the MOHAA main directory - a Typical example of file path would be the following -:

NOTE this is based on a user file structure Your Server file path will differ greatly BUT the "MAIN" Directory sub folder will be below the MOHAA game directory.

Some help on using Pakscape can be found here -:


This Video is based on OpenAriean but concepts are the same for MOHAA

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






Re: AAAA How The Hell do I ??

I cannot download any file for the game from the website. I want to add new maps but when I click on any file to download it. The website just sends me to another tab window full of encrypted text. Thank you 

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