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Backup your servers

Hi all as we now have many servers hosted across both dedicated servers it is no longer possible for us to backup the servers fully . The bottom line is as an admin you should have a copy of your own server in order to recovery it.

Why would you need to recovery......

Well as you know computers go wrong and sometimes it can be an Armagadon of a disaster where all stored data is lost this can be life ending BUT only if you do not have a backup.

So for example you should be in position to have your server running from scratch with a 10 min upload from your own backup.

AAAA How The Hell do I ??

Here in the New AAAA "How The Hell do I ??" we will try to create some help on subjects covering using and Running a MOHAA server and more.

We will try to cover basic and Advanced stuff

Its funny because I have done it myself and been victim....Every ones knowledge is at a different level
- so please try to keep it simple your knowledge will help others Happy

Post a new How the Hell do I ??

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