Upcoming Map - Toony France

I'm sure some of you have seen my ToonyRad map I released some time ago. Well I took a break from mapping and the game in general but before I did I started work on Toony versions of other maps. The closest to completion is Toony France, of which I do have two videos:

Re: Upcoming Map - Toony France

Oh My Golly, Jolly...lol
Thankyou for the return to the mapping world & postin here....
We play ToonyRad all the time on ICCC nights!
Thanks for posting this! Soup will be happy to see this that's for sure.
You can Find SoupNazi if you need to here:
and if wanting TS we'll all be on in the TWZ TS tonight here, and pretty much every other night here in the Customs Club

Re: Upcoming Map - Toony France

I do love some funny and/or weird maps, would love to play this haha!!
Make sure you post this on http://www.mohcentral.net/index.php as well, as that's where we are all at atm Smile
Major_A & Soup as well!

Re: Upcoming Map - Toony France

Here's an update ole Soup will be glad to see Tongue

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