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UKS Stadt


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This map is a remake (and further developed) of the original Small City custom mohaa map & the Stadt map in spearhead, both made by Surgeon.

Beta Testing/Bug Finding by: Shadow & No!z

UKS_Stadt was created by AccadaccA.
Based on an accurate reproduction of the award winning Stadt map by Surgeon.

With lots of modifications added that don't take anything away from the original design.
One section of tunnel had to be moved slightly to make way for an additional access stair well.
All house interiors are accessible to some degree and the houses are now joined by balconies and over-head walk ways.
An additional basement was added to the sewer / tunnel system.
A cellar and bomb shelter have also been added.
Access is now available to the roof tops of three building annexes and an attic.

The customization of UKS_Stadt was commissioned by !< UKS >!snapper, = | LuV |= legion


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Re: UKS Stadt

A HUGE thank you to Shadow & Noiz for their invaluable beta testing of this map finding ways to exploit the play area parameters
You guys rock!

We don't stop playing games because we get old.  We only get old when we stop playing games.

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