Tips for Using the AAAA Website

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Tips for Using the AAAA Website

Well now the site is all up and running thought would just do some tips on whats what and where's where As one of the main briefs was to improve the lay out of the site and make it easier to use

Hopefully most of it is simple and self explanatory but thats just my opinion because I did it

When I get chance I will do a quick How to Video just to run through some of the functions

Top Title Bar at top of every page

Each Title is a button in itself but also selections available from Drop down menu - so for example the "HOME" button - clicking it will take you the main AAAA home page but it will also show other MOHAA related site home pages that will open in new window.

And same with "FORUMS" clicking the "FORUMS" title will take you to the main index but if you know where you want to go you can use the drop down selection to jump straight to a forum sub section.

The "CURRENT POSTS" button, well this is handy for showing any recent posts for the site it covers all sections forums, pages, blogs just about anything - I have one minor issue at present with "story" which is showing up and shouldn't but that's on my list of things to fix

The "SUPPORT" Button - This is a new system I setup for reporting problems, It can be a Website problem, Server problem a suggestion,A feature Request, feed back. This should be used rather than forums as this helps me track which issues I have outstanding

The "BOOKINGS" button is used to control the AAAA resources so their is no conflict in their use - such as AAAA match servers - Use the booking to book the AAAA match servers

The rest of the Menu above should explain itself in options and use the mouse over hover as I have added many descriptions to the options to explain

Side Menu's

Top User menu

The "My Blog" option allows you to have your own Blog post area - This can be used for what ever you want, Info about your clan activities, Your own Hobby interests or Whats growing in your greenhouse (Castro)

My Book marks This will book mark AAAA webpages so if you find something you want a quick link to create your own bookmark

My Info Wellthis is not just your Profile but will show your status and your recent activity so this is also handy for finding your own post's.

My Messages Pretty standard shows your private messages to and from other site users.

Create Content

Forum topic
A forum topic is the initial post to a new discussion thread within a forum.

Blog entry
A blog entry is a single post to an online journal, or blog.

Book page
A book page is a page of content, organized into a collection of related entries collectively known as a book. A book page automatically displays links to adjacent pages, providing a simple navigation system for organizing and reviewing structured content.

A page, similar in form to a story, is a simple method for creating and displaying information that rarely changes, such as an "About us" section of a website. By default, a page entry does not allow visitor comments and is not featured on the site's initial home page.

A story, similar in form to a page, is ideal for creating and displaying content that informs or engages website visitors. Press releases, site announcements, and informal blog-like entries may all be created with a story entry. By default, a story entry is automatically featured on the site's initial home page, and provides the ability to post comments.

A poll is a question with a set of possible responses. A poll, once created, automatically provides a simple running count of the number of votes received for each response.

Events have a start date and an optional end date as well as a teaser and a body. They can be extended by other modules, too.

Well again hopefully they are all straight forward and easy to get to

General functions

Live Website Chat

AAAA Shout box - This is at the top of the page and is public - content well just about anything you like handy for fast info posts

AAAA Live Chat

This is in the bottom right of your page, click on the chat and it will list anyone who is online on the website - click on their name and it will open you a chat window to message them.

Private messages
Clicking on a user name anywhere will show their profile page which will have the "PM" or send private message to a user. You will also see this function on the site in other places such as the forum you will see the "PM" Send private message to Author of posts. If you are sent a message it will show in a message box on left hand menu - also in your "MY Info" user menu option and in your My messages.

Well hopefully that points out some of the site will try to add to this and do the video overview.

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






Re: Tips for Using the AAAA Website

This info will be updated soon


Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again