Sieger Markt

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Sieger Markt


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Sieger Markt (Victor Market) by AccadaccA is a huge map with lots of open buildings, passages etc. So great for both close & long distance combat.

Sieger Markt (Victory Market) by AccadaccA; 2017

Kudos to the "Map Busters" Shadow & Noiz for beta testing, especially when the map was one and half times bigger than it is now.

Map video

Re: Sieger Markt

A HUGE thank you to "The Map Busters" (Shadow & Noiz).
These guys really know how to beta test maps, finding faults such as breaching the map play area parameters / boundaries.
They get through, under, around or on top of everything making any reasonable map look like Swiss cheese.
Then Shadow takes the time to write a bug report including screenshots.
And provide much appreciate constructive criticism.

We don't stop playing games because we get old.  We only get old when we stop playing games.

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