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Mohaac MatchIDs


Some reason i cant post in rich text editor so clicked on plain text editor

Was thinking of a suggestion to the new league season

Since there will be 4 / 5 different leagues - would it be more efficient to have different match ids for these leagues rather than all joining the same match id?

eg - aaaasnl - sniper league

aaaaobjftl - objective freezetag league

aaaadmobjftl - death match objective league

aaaaobjl - obj league

Might be easier with organisation / dealing with issues etc

Only a suggestion - what do you guys think??

Re: Mohaac MatchIDs

Defo Laughing out loud Yeah you're right, it'll be impossible to get some kind of overview if everyone is joining in one ID

Great idea m8

Re: Mohaac MatchIDs

Yeh agreed - cheers for input


Will look at the editor issue now 



Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again