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Hello people of AAAA I've been getting requests for discussing MMDL (now PakRadar) in this forum. Let this thread be for that if it's okay.First off, I am not intending to compete with you.
Back when I started working on SHDL, my very first autodownload patch, I wasn't fully aware of you guys working on a client-side patch with an automatic downloader.If there's anything you want to do with PakRadar and your project, I'm willing to share source codes.
Most of you probably know about MMDL and what it does, so......what exactly is different in PakRadar?*
Smart caching system - No paks will cause conflicts between different servers. Required files are copied to the game directory on connect, and removed on disconnect.* 
Utilisation of MD5 hashes - Nothing will ever be downloaded twice, even between different servers.* 
Error-tolerant and completely user-interruptable workflow - The workflow is based on a timed game thread task system ensuring a linear approach to the procedure of downloading the files.* 
Configurability - Tweak the way PakRadar works to fit your needs.* 
File lists instead of map databases - Admins can define their own list of mods and maps that are used on the server.* 
Possibility to have full video subsystem restarting - Even though the texture bugs have been fixed in PakRadar, there's a chance some PCs still encounter them. This helps getting rid of them for good.Also, some neat features like changing the master server through console have been included.Here's a demo video of PakRadar downloading custom skins. There's also a custom map demo vid on my channel
I probably forgot to mention a lot of stuff. If there's anything you'd like to know about the patch, don't hesitate to ask!

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