Gamespy Shut Down

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Gamespy Shut Down

Hi all GREAT news!!
X-null have now released "MOHAA Reborn Query Tool" to enable users to connect to MOHAA once Gamespy shuts down on 31st May

If you are not aware of Gamespy shut down and how it will effect the game of MOHAA (and additional games) are that users in game and on Xfire / Gametracker will not be able to see live server details such as if the server is online or who is online playing.

We can not advise on full extent of impact to Xfire / Gametraker / Qtracker and a likes you should view their forums to see if they have addressed this..................

Main Info here -: and more discussion here

So here is the tool -:
browser tool.png

The Tool supports many features - in order to support the loss of Gamespy the following is a brief summary.

Once Released Server Admins can upgrade their Servers to support the new Reborn Master Server Query (Currently still in development) Watch this space for release - NOTE -: You DONT have to use all the Reborn features but you will need to update your server. This update will allow servers to be shown online as with this tool - Third parties can contact X-null for Developer pack to support other third Party tools

This tool currently also supports legacy Gamespy servers so all available servers are listed (Once Gamespy goes down these servers can still be shown and connected to if available but they will show offline)

The tool once installed auto updates - you can check for latest version by clicking on the "about" menu option

Also checkout the "options" where you can customise the tool settings

Supports all OS apart from MAC
Add Favorites flag
Country Flag for server location
Sort and filter server List
Join Server / Join Server with password
CMD Line Parms can be added in options
Auto refresh can be disabled in options to prevent lag
Show Offline servers option
Displays players in server

Please feed back on X-null here any issues or suggestions, please note the tool is not a Server admin tool it is a game launch tool to support the loss of Gamespy

How to install the tool -:

You need .NET Framework 4.0 installed in order to use it. .NET 4.0 works on XP-Win8.1.

Get it here and install it first if you don't have it:

Then, download and run the installer:


Own3mall - Tool Creator

Razor - Master Server Query Creator

Beta Testers and Feature suggestions
Purple Elephant1au

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again