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Acca Crossroads


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AccA Crossroads by AccadaccA 29th of April 2019 ... and then some.
Credits:========Thanks to Shadow for limited beta testing and bug reports.
Compatible with: Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough.
For all of the versions of "Crossroads" including the default map ("mohdm4") and 8 or 9 custom variants of it found in the MOHAAAA database, none are actual "crossroads". lolAt best they are a pair of "T" intersections spread apart by the entire width of a church. :/
I've tried to be totally different to any previous versions.
Major customizations include (but are not limited to):
* Turned "Crossroads" into actual crossroads in the true sense of the word.
* Matched the storm water surface level to the canal surface level. The storm water was approximately a meter lower than the canal.
* Continued the storm water tunnel system into the canal.
* Created another storm water tunnel system on the other side of the canal.
* Added an extra five routes to / from the storm water tunnels.
* Extended the length of the house in the allied spawn area (added an extra arch & extra attic window).
* Added two moored rowboats that actually sit in the water and not just on top of it.
* Made it possible to jump through broken windows. The default "Crossroads" has them all blocked.
* Added two huge verandas to the hotel. Each with double access, one at either end.
* Transformed the four guest room hotel (with only two acessible rooms) into twelve accessible guest rooms (each one bigger than the default 4) plus I've added three bathrooms, two toilets, a reception area, the manager's sleeping quarters, a hotel laundry, hotel workshop and a utilities / boiler room.All within the original confinements of the default hotel walls, floors and ceilings. The only exception being the utilities / boiler room which is under ground.
edit: corrections can be found in the updates history.txt
* All but one building has been hollowed.
INSTALLATION:Place the "acca_crossroads.pk3" file into your main directory.
I hope you enjoy it. Smile

Map video