Hi all AAAA is now maxed out on TS3 Virtual servers under our licence - what we have got is like over a 1000 channels so its not like we are maxed out it just means that where as most of the existing clans have their own virtual server on AAAA I will be unable to create any more virtual servers.

What does this mean - well MEGA has never had its own virtual server I just use the AAAA TS3 on - I have now revamped and done a tidy up of the channels on AAAA TS3

What this means is any new clan joining AAAA hosting will get a new channel area on the main AAAA TS3 - where the clan can have as many channel and passwords as they like.

I have also created to Match zones where clans can play matches friendly or League with Axis and Allies Areas.

My thoughts and ideas are I would personally like to see all hosted clans move to the AAAA main TS3 as I feel it would help so much to build the community but this will be voluntary and no existing clans are going to be forced over or anything like that just in my opinion it would help Wink