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    Settings wonít save, missing screenshots folder. Help

    BSo I was having issues with my game,
    Crouch key wasnít working and I was told it was because it was a windows 7 issue and that it would be fixed if I moved my Mohaa installation file into program file instead of programx86. So I did that and yes it fixed the problem.
    However I donít know if it was before I did this or after but my screenshots folder was missing and all my Single player savers game was gone.

    I thought it might be a grand idea to just do a clean install of the whole game but in the correct folder. (Programs folder)

    Did the clean install
    Well now when I try to save my sound and video settings it doesnít save. And the screenshots folder still isnít there.

    Also, after clean install I notice that my player name is already set on clean install.
    So now Iím totally confused and Iím cursing at my PC. Anyone fimilier with this issue?
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    G'day mate,
    I too have noticed the lack of any "screenshots" folders in either of the three main directories for the game and it's two expansions.
    That installation is from my War Chest CDs installed to "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\MOHAA".
    Some time ago I manually created a "screenshots" folder for Spearhead and it has stored screens there.
    I'm unsure, but it might create the folder (if it doesn't already exist) when you take a screenshot (F12).

    I am uninstalling that version of the game as I mainly use the Revival installation (installed to "C:\Games\MOHAA") and having two installments hasn't worked out for me on Windows 7.
    As a map creator it was good to have a clean install for testing but that was on XP which had no issues with the game.
    It didn't help with me adding a second copy of Radiant, the game paths had to be changed every time I opened it and MBuilder simply wouldn't keep the right paths either. lol

    I have since thought that I never had compiling scorch marks until after I installed the War Chest CDs on Win 7.
    I may be mistaken about that but it's food for thought.

    I think with Windows 7 you are better off using the Revival version (<< download link) simply installed to "C:\Games\MOHAA".
    I can crouch in-game and it has the screenshots folders (which may or may not be created upon the use of F12). Not to mention the widescreen app.

    Good luck with it, mate.

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    Ok so I have made the change to the revival edition.
    Now all I need to do is chase the same problem with mohaa not saving. I think maybe I can edit the Configs manually.
    What settings do I need for everything to be set on highest quality?

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    The video settings would depend on your video card.
    For a game as old at MOH I think it's safe to now set everything to full detail.

    What isn't MOH saving? Single player campaign or your configuration?
    If it's the config file, check to see if it's not "Read-only" by right clicking it and checking the properties of the file.

    If that still fails you might want to re-write the "unnamedsoldier.cfg" file. Rename the original so as not to over-write it.
    If you still have Map Mate installed changed your paths to suit the Revival installation and open "Server Mate".
    Select "Client Configuration" then select your desired key bindings.
    Don't forget to hit the "CVARs" tab at the top right to go through all of those options too. They are set to default as they are but you may want to tweak them.
    Save that as your new config as "unnamedsoldier.cfg".

    Good luck mate.
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