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    Unknown graphic bug

    Hello, I faced with unknown graphic bug in the main menu and 3rd mission. I made some screenshots:

    Anyone knowns what is this?! I'm using Asus Z-270k motherboard, core i5 7400 and integrated video - Intel Graphics HD 630. I was playing in MOHAA with GeForce 9600GT @ Asus P5E3 and with more older PC and I never seen some bugs like this one

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    Have u openGL.dll file in the folder game ?
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    No, I downloaded it and put to the game folder, but nothing changed. MOHAA SH & BT doesn't work at all. I see that the configuration exe shows that the game is using OpenGL. Maybe I need to install some driver for Intel HD Graphics?!

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    Although I can't see the problem with your menu screenshot, the two in-game shots show the skybox edges which is very unusual.

    We need to keep in mind that the game was released in 2002, made to run on the smell of an oily rag with Windows 95 installed and problems do arise with modern PCs or even newer OSes.
    Which operating system are you using and which version of the game have you installed?
    We know the OEM version of the game has issues on a Windows 7 system.

    The "MOHAA Revival" download offers a widescreen app which may help with this particular problem.
    It's worth a shot.

    Good luck
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    I'm using Warchest version 3 in 1 (MOHAA, MOHAA:SH, MOHAA:BT)

    This is a screenshot of MOHAA's config, looks like the game doesn't see my integrated videocard.

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    have u 2 video card in the same PC ?
    If yes remove or uninstall which the one u are not using it, probably this can cause that problem
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    No, I haven't, only integrated in CPU videocard

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    Not that I have any knowledge in this area, but this could be due to OpenGL image clamping or lack of (gl_clamp_to_edge) which could be an issue with your integrated graphics. Have you got the latest drivers? A lot of people have had this problem in the past (we're talking 10-15 years ago) with dedicated NVIDIA cards.

    Edit: Thought I'd provide some links as evidence







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