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    Making Static Objects Solid

    In my map I am trying to make a green opel truck (static/vehicle_opeltruck_green.tik) solid. However when I load the game you can walk through the truck. I have noticed this with several other objects too. However I know it is possible to make the opel truck green solid, because on the map obj/watten not only is it solid, but its textures include both wood and metal. How can I get a solid green opel truck into my map?

    P.S. I am using MoH Radiant

    Thank you!

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    Draw brushes with the metal_clip for the truck cab, hood and fenders and cut them to shape then draw wood_clip brushes for the truck sides and tray / bed.

    It gets a bit tricky trying to select the brush to cut so you'll probably need to make the model invisible by using the View filters to enable you to select a brush then make it visible again to trace your cuts around it.
    Alternatively you can hide the truck when needed with the "H" key then show it again using Shift + H.
    But if you just focus on one brush at a time (draw and trim with clipper tool) before drawing the next brush, it will be easier for you.
    Have fun with it.

    Edit: Both the metal_clip and wood_clip textures will be in the "common" textures folder of Radiant.
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    What AccadaccA said .

    For nonstatic vehicles you can create the collision models (brushes) off the map and bind them using both Radiant and a script, but you are using static versions so it shouldn't be needed.

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    use winzip to open Pak.0.pk3. look for .map file for opel truck. will have the clip already made for it. all you will have to do is import it. ... or you may have to slightly alter if for different version of opel.

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    neillomax i hadnt seen you since TMT days

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