MOHAAC New version as of 27/02/12


Just some of the updates included in this release!!! -:

mohaacupdates 1_0.jpg

mohaacupdates 2_0.jpg

mohaacupdates 3_0.jpg

MOHAA Anticheat news

Hi all some great news on the anti cheat side of the game -:

Reborn - Quick update off Razor is that the client is almost done so fingers crossed it wont be long before we see an RC version for it...

Joto kindly pointed out this new anticheat -:

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Anticheat

MOHAAC is a standalone anticheat for Medal of Honor Allied Assault.
It is specific to MOHAA, which enables it to verify the directory used to play the game is no different than the developers intended it to be installed

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