Tips for Using the AAAA Website

Well now the site is all up and running thought would just do some tips on whats what and where's where As one of the main briefs was to improve the lay out of the site and make it easier to use

Hopefully most of it is simple and self explanatory but thats just my opinion because I did it

When I get chance I will do a quick How to Video just to run through some of the functions

Top Title Bar at top of every page


Well managed to get some time to give the site a new year reboot, many updates some you wont notice a lot under the hood but have rebooted the blog think it may help posters post general info upfront on the main page instead of on the forums.

Anyway been careful not to affect the speed on load so you should not see any difference on performance I hope!!

Any way hope it helps keen to build on a great year we have had on AAAA with all the new clans and players who have joined us.

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