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List Remade/Modified stock maps

The stock/default MoH:AA maps that we all know and love have been modified and completely remade even by a lot of people.
Finding them all in the database might be some work, so I decided to do it for you guys.

If you ever want to check out the maps you already know, but with some extra's, here's the place to be!
Some have been remade completely different (some of the V2 maps mostly) but still have the same objectives/styles and thus I added them none the less.

(Note: not all maps work in AA, some are SH or BT only)


MOHAA Maps on AAAA for Medal of Honor Allied Assault and MOHSH and Medal of Honor group of games

Welcome to the AAAA Maps Database for Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Medal of Honor Spearhead expansion. We currently host over 1600 MOHAA custom maps which also include many maps that will run under MOHSH AKA Spearhead and also a few for Medal of Honor Breakthrough.

The AAAA is made of many clans and supporters of this clasic legend MOHAA

The Content includes many Map formats from MOHAA SP, MOHAA OBJ and so on also Total conversion.

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