Funding help for MOHAAC

Hi all MOHAAC has some software cost's see here -:

As it stands AAAA dont have any spare float credit to support so if you can help in a small way please use MOHAAC direct Donate - If you associated with AAAA please let him know that you have helped because of its use on AAAA

I will also try to support also soon

MOHAAC New version as of 27/02/12


Just some of the updates included in this release!!! -:

mohaacupdates 1_0.jpg

mohaacupdates 2_0.jpg

mohaacupdates 3_0.jpg

MOHAAC - Anti Cheat news


Hi all after we had a test with MOHAAC I sent some feed back in and some suggestions in to the developer

He has now released an updated version

Please check out and report any problems - It picked up some file mismatches on my UK version of MOHAA and Spearhead so have forwarded those onto him but this is looking very good now Cool

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