About AAAA Match League

AAAA MOHAA Match League

Hi and welcome to the AAAA MOHAA match League......

About the League

The AAAA match League for MOHAA is built up of friendly clans who enjoy and support the game and are CHEAT FREE!!

What's the format ?

We play Freeze tag on stock maps, each clan plays all clan's in the League twice. Each match consists of two maps one per clan.

Each map is played 5 rounds each side ie Allies / Axis which are 5 minute rounds each.

Where are the matches played ?

All matches are played on one of the 4 AAAA match servers.

How do we ensure a clean game ?

The AAAA Match servers all run the X-Null Reborn Anticheat Server patch, all players are required to run UAC3 and submit end of match uploads from UAC3.
MOHAA Reborn



All Matches have a Referee (at least one sometimes more) Who are the Refs ? The Ref's are players from the other clans in the League. The refs sit in spec an in a seperate Teamspeak fromthe match clans and monitor the match - Screen shots and in game video are taken and used in case of any disputes.......

When are the matches played ?

The matches are arranged by the clans and so are flexible - mainly played over the weekends at about 20:30.

How does my clan join the League ?

As we are a friendly bunch we like to get to know the clans who join first, so this is just a case of playing a couple of friendly matches against the existing clans.

Enrollment is done in the League forum which can be found here -:
League forum

What's the History ?

We are now in our second Season - The winners of the first Season were FRS Clan -:
AAAA 2010 Season 1 Winners FRS

(It is still possible to join this Season)

What's the Future ?

We are looking to expand the League by running another format alongside ie not Freeze tag.

We are also waiting on the release of the X-null Reborn MOHAA client which will enhance the League with the ability to autodownload server setups to clients and to enhance anti cheat further making it one of the safest's Leagues to play in. Cool

The AAAA League home page can be found here -:
AAAA League