<{WoV}>Clan.....formerly known as {JH}

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<{WoV}>Clan.....formerly known as {JH}

Hi all.... Smile

For thoses that didn't know...we were formerly {JH}clan. Clan was started by myself and Zero. Zero left the clan so i decided to re-name us and start again. We have the same peeps here and some new ones.... Wink Some of us have played together for a few years now.
I have 2 other CL's in the clan...Scarface and Falcon.
We currently have 3 servers:~

ffa ~ ip:
ft ~ ip:
obj ~ ip:

Teamspeak: ~

Our new webby:http://www.warofval.proboards.com/

Cheers all...
Canvey.... Big smile

Re: <{WoV}>Clan.....formerly known as {JH}

Hi Canvey thank's for posting your details

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again