Working Fan Tutorial

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A tutorial on how to create a working Fan for your map.
Pack includes the full tutorial, a .pk3 and .map file.


Working Fan Tutorial....

1. create a script_object and give it a targetname of fan1. make this script_object the shape of the center of the fan.
2. create 4 more script_object's and make them in the shape of fan blades.
3. give the first blade a targetname of blade1, the second a targetname of blade2, the third a targetname of blade3,
and the fourth a targetname of blade4.
4. move these blades around so they look attached to the main fan base.

Now comes the scripting for this fan....

*i assume u already created an SCR file for your map*

1. right below Level Waittill Spawn type this.

thread fan1

2. after that you will see the word, end.
3. right after the word end, type this.

$blade1 bind $fan1
$blade2 bind $fan1
$blade3 bind $fan1
$blade4 bind $fan1
$fan1 rotatey 325


thats the script for it. follow all those directions and compile your map and you will have a working fan.

*this is for a ceiling fan. for a vent fan you would use rotatez instead of rotatey. if not use rotatex .*