Welcome to AAAA MOHAA Hosting ANGO

AAAA would like to welcome ANGO to AAAA hosting - ANGO are in the process of moving 2 of their servers and Teamspeak over to AAAA - Their TS server is already up on

This is great news for the AAAA community and helps support us all in building the AAAA community. Most here already know and love ANGO (they paid me to say that) Wink Oups Jawdropping! Sick but joking aside many thanks ANGO - ANGO have been on AAAA for a long time and are part of the AAAA League and have great team and are great fun so great to have your servers now also on AAAA Cool

Re: Welcome to AAAA MOHAA Hosting ANGO

Goooooooo Angooooooooooooooo!!! Laughing out loud

Re: Welcome to AAAA MOHAA Hosting ANGO

Hi Jon

Thank you for the fine welcome to the AAAA, I hope / think we are really happy for the 2 servers and TS we have here at AAAA

Very many thanks for all your help with everything about our servers and TS

Hope soon we will play a clan war, so I can shoot you for your comment in your post here Big smile Sick

Re: Welcome to AAAA MOHAA Hosting ANGO

As soon as my doctor removes all the lead shot from my arse from the last time I played you I will look forward to it LMAO Santa

Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again






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