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Weapons MOD

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ok this basically just attaches/hides/scales/converts models to redo loadout with modern looking weapons
also adds weapon fire options on some guns

silenced = macro Uzi -auto
colt = same upped damage and accuracy - forced semi auto
p38 = small tactical pistol - forced semi auto
Springfield = looks same but with options to changes scope range between the 4 with overlays anims
kar98sniper = semi auto clip loaded sniper
kar98 = same but upped damage
m1 = ?? heavy assault rifle
Thompson = tactical smg with scope and 2 different burst fire options and and auto option
bar = mini gun
mp40 = ak74
mp44 = ak47 with semi auto option
axis grenade = gas nades
allied grenade = cluster nades
bazooka = rpg (1 shot)
nazizooka = removed
shotgun = heavy assault with MG , Shotgun and tri-rocket option, rockets bounce close range and impact expload far
new = Flame thrower
new = plasma gun
new = sword

Mike_torso - auto pistols - added exec to fix reload anim for ak74, shotgun and new sniper
Tiks- prob could have avoided using weapon/projectile tiks - fireball_matrix,gas_cloud and corona_red - dmprojectile tiks
DMprecache.scr - used to exec script- added gametype check to give at round start on obj (haven't tested much)

as is it gives all players all weapons but way it works checks weapon held then applies changes, but could remove giveall part from scr and could add check for nazizooka and swap with flamer of plasma

shotgun needs 12 ammo for shotgun fire and 30 ammo for rocket fire
plasma bullets bounce
aim shotgun rocket at you feet and fire and they stick there like timed mines
semi and burst option increase accuracy
flamer could cause lag if to many people using it in server but not sure cause never had proper server for test
i had actually made a lesser version of this years back but dont think i ever finished or released it,then lost it
I have done a bit of testing on locally hosted server but max 6 or 7 players at a times, but ill make an updated version if any major bugs found