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"Office" map ~ by AccadaccA ~ Feb 24, 2020For MOH Allied Assault, Spearhead & Breakthrough.
Credits:========Huge thanks to 1337Smithy for his health script and for always being there with scripting advice or any help when I need.Much appreciated, mate.
Since writting the above ol' mate Smithy has come through twice with updated alternative health scripts and a ceiling fans toggel on/off script for me.What a legend!!!
Huge thanks also go to Zappa for extensively guiding me through an issue with the motorcycle models.What a champ!!
Cheers to [TWL}Shadow for giving the map a bit of a test and some feedback.
Installation:=============Drop the pk3 file in to your "MOHAA/main" directory.
Map Info:================This map is NOT period correct and was never meant to be.It's a modern day take of a fictional office set in Perth, Australia.
The map has a couple of functional friges, an ice dispenser, a beer vending machine, photocopiers and functional toilets which all give health so don't forget to give them a try.Healing values are listed below.
The water cooler and fire extinguishers all disperse water (func / barrel) when shot but due to there size it's not much.
When decending the ladder just take a few steps down and let the player drop.Because the ladder is angled on a lean the ladder function can't comprehend if you wish to ascend or decend.
Health pickups:===============I've included health pick-ups to prolong gameplay. Don't worry, it's not like God mode, they're small quantities.Healing is only effective up to 100% health, maximum.You will need to stay within reach of the triggers to gain the health benefit.I've tried to balance healing quantities with heal time / risk factor.
* Urinals regain upto 99% of lost health over time. The longer you stand there the more you'll heal.* Beer vending machine should make you invincible, right? lol But no, it gives 10hp.Before anyone emails me, I know the local beer in Perth is/was Swan Larger (now brewed in South Australia).* Vegemite (found in the fridges) gains 5hp. It'll be considered unAustralian of me not to include it. lol* Toilet stalls give 10 - 15hp depending on what you do in them. #1s = +10hp. #2s = +15hp. They alternate from stall to stall.* Photocopiers give 3hp per butt copied. Hubba Hubba. :P* The ice maker gives 1hp per serve.
** Most health pick-ups are intentionally made to only heal each player once, so move around and use other features of the map.
Elevators:==========There are three elevators and three sets of stairs spanning between the ground floor garage and first floor.Only one of these elevators and a forth set of stairs, spans between the first and second floors (roof top).
The three tier elevator does work as it should (express, skiping the 2nd floor when desired) but it's tricky to hit the right triggers.Due to limited space between elevator buttons, I've made it dependant on distance.Just step forward for the lower button or step back for the upper.A message will appear to indicate which level / floor you're about to trigger.
Custom Motorcycles:===================The custom bikes (in four variants & five colours) are the default "BMWbike" model with the sidecar removed and a few other tweaks added.The fifth bike (black) was requested by my son, Jono.The bike that looks totally chrome is in fact a pure white bike (R255, G255, B255). Believe it or not.
Custom Toilets:===============I edited the two default toilets into one usuable (opened lid) modern toilet. The flusher is from the modern "toilet_short" model while the seat and bowl are from the older style "toilet-bowl-and-tank" model.With my first attempts, I had both "set_up" & "seat_down" versions of the "toilet_short" model but adding the seat from the other toilet wouldn't light up like the rest of the bowl.Also by rotating the seat vertically (for seat up) exposed a gap between the inner and outer skins of the bowl which also looked like crap.It was also a bit concerning to see every second toilet seat in the up position in the women's toilets. lol Shit happens.
The Sky:========The sky texture was created from a single photo of the Perth city skyline.Manually made using PaintShopPro version 5 (released in 1998). lolIt's kind of square looking, unfortunately. :/But hey, it's a true sky, not a computer generated set of images like the rest.It's not the best but it'll do for this indoor map.The stars (fake) including the Southern Cross (photo) were added manually.
Update: I was able to lose the square corners look by using PSP 8 deformation filters.

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