TFB Shadow's House

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TFB Shadow's House


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Death Match

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<T|F|B>The Shadow


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After being rather busy since 2020, I have finally created another map lol. This map features the home I grew up at, with actual pictures of textures I took while on leave from work- so to say I tried to make it rather accurate. Players will spawn around the home, and with it being the center it likely resembles a king of the hill type battle. This map is more suited towards small groups of players 8 - 12, however it has spawns for up to 20 players. Thanks to those on the xNull discord chat who helped me solve some bugs, Smithy, Sinpy (The Beaver), and Konig.

**NOTICE** This version is designed for gameplay in SH/BT. This means that AA players may experience bugs with
certain textures.

- The Shadow (William Davis)

If you have any questions or would like to contact us email us at

//or visit\\


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