For those Hosting with AAAA -:
I have just updated to the latest version -:
New Features
  • Console commands now work with most Windows games that have a text console (Rust, CS, CSS, TF2, Garry's Mod etc). This means the Web console works without rcon, service can be shutdown gracefully with the game's "stop" console command, you can write to the game console using the service browser's command line parameters.
  • To configure uncheck "Control console's input", set web console input = console commands. Save and update existing services. The launcher process needs to be updated. To do this execute this command from remote desktop as admin: taskkill /F /IM TCAdminServiceLauncher.exe
  • Script can be configured to execute when a query monitoring rule is detected (query failure, slots increased, branding removed, etc).
  • Added query monitoring script event. The script is executed after the game server is queried.
  • Custom links can be configured for each mod.
  • Added start/stop/restart options to the service's scheduled restart task.
  • Added game_start billing api parameter. 1 will start after the game server is created. 0 will leave it stopped.

Bug fixes

  • Config editor item of type "Multiple selection" was not saving the correct values.
  • Fixed memory usage shown in server information page when server uses comma as decimal separator.
  • Virtual server permissions were not repaired correctly with the verify/repair tool.