TC Admin Tutorial

I Will Show You How To Use TC Admin :
First go to the link that you have in your email about your server FTP.
type your email and password :
when you type your username and password click Login
you can see here your server FTP and you see your server.cfg click in Actions in the right under it Text Editor for adding text in the server.cfg after doing what you want must restart server that in the Game Services.
now when clicking in Game Services you can see all your FTP and Restart / Stop Server File Manager for adding your main server files or remove or edit.
Configurations Files for edit your server.cfg or remove.
Commandline for record something in the server.
Log viewer showing your server log who joined and what happen in it everytime.
Web Console showing your console server you can add commands by him.
Current  activty & States showing your current server.cfg
gametracker banners you can add your server to game tracker or copy game tracker banner to add him to your site ... .
X-null Reborn patch commands showing you reobrn patch commands like how to ban and kick like ad_banname ... .
AAAA Community website the public forum of AAAA for MOHAA Game you can find alot of mods there and ask people there.
AAAA Mods / skins you can find here Mods like i said.
MOH guides and toturials you can here see how map works and mods :
X-null Reborn patch Support its best Forum for asking and learning about mods or maps scripts all thing about mohaa there
AAAA Hosting News here you can find what new in site and learn things about mohaa.
AAAA Hosting Requests you can here fill informations about you server and your clan name here :
Online Server Browser after shut down the gamespy there are new site for searching servers MOHAA LIST :
Qconsole Old log files show you the logs in the past.
you can restart/stop server by the picture you see any change in files must restart server if you want to remove files you must Stop Stop server.
Any Questions please tell me.

Re: TC Admin Tutorial

hi m8 iv already made a video on this it should be in  your tcadmin

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