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Street by Street - Final


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The .MAP File is included within the pk3!
This single player map consists out of 3 maps:
Finaly the final version is here!
Map one "Searching the town"
You are in a little just outside Remagen in Germany.This unknown town is a home for many Wehrmacht soldiers so you should be careful on the streets.You will sneak in to a bar called Golden Lion, it shouldn't be difficult but be on your guard!Your only objective is to find and kill the Gestapo agent! In the town it's two Gestapo agentsbut the first one are in the bar and he's drunk and cant do some problems but kill him!Your objective are in the other side of town.You have to take yard by yard because the germans have two roadblocks so you cant take the main road.
Map two "Farm land"
You have now secured the town but outside the town it's a small group with SS soldiers.We think they have a Gestapo agent out there!Your objective is to just get out there and kill the agent!Watch out for snipers!
Map tree "Tigers last stand"
This is your last objective!You have meet up with a squad that is trying to get through a little town.But the street is covered by a tiger tank.This is verry simple flank the tiger from beheind and destroy it!
Good luck!
Extract the pk3 to your main folder
Delete pk3 from main folder
HOW TO PLAY-----------
Run the game and open console (§) and type maplist then find two maps called test and test2 press on test.Test2 will start automatic after you played the first map.
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