Stock Freeze Tag OBJ League Rules

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Stock Freeze Tag OBJ League Rules

1.Each clan can submit a max number of 20 players prior to start of season, after the start of season  other players can be used in the League but must be submitted to your clan roster.
You can use up to 2 players from other Clans as long as they are not in the league else where in AAAA and this must be agreed with the clan you are playing. If your clan has changed a lot during then you should submit an updated clan player list to the League!!!

2.Every player must have NO mods in their main directory, including Cross hairs Blood mods, custom maps in main are allowed but if unsure go for a clean main!!!

3.Clan Player Balancing - Both clans should match players + or - 1 player - see rule 4 !!

4.If a match is booked and one of the clans fails to turn up or does not have enough players the match must still be played - default player limit of 6 players should be used for the strongest clan - Failure to play results in a loss. Matches can be rearranged if at least 4 days notice is given.

5.If a player is kicked from battle by what ever means round continues, player can rejoin but must ensure he does not remain in spec.

6.All Matches must be played on the AAAA match servers.

8.Any match played which results in a dispute must be completed their and then. If a clan quits over a dispute the clan remaining will win. Complete the match and raise a dispute - a dispute will result in one clan admin from clans not involved in match voting on outcome.

9.There will be 6 match maps - Show maps - and the map pack direct link is -: Download maps

10. Game settings 5 rounds 5 mins each (total of 20 games)
No heavy Weapons, one sniper per team. Freeze tag / OBJ

seta sv_walkspeed "180" ****** This is ok IMO!!!
seta sv_runspeed "300" ****** This is ok IMO!!!

11. Choosing maps -: 1 map per clan is chosen -  Stock for the AAAA Custom Freeze Tag OBJ  League 

12. Each clan will play the opposing clan twice

13. Start of match - both Clan admins agree ready via screen txt or TS - 3 restartes (when map is reloaded) starts the match!!! aaaaadmin tool should be used !!

14. The home clan is responsibly for screen shots at end of round and these must be posted in the League results section (Probably a good idea that both clans take screen shots incase they are missed)

15. The server log files will be available to both clans for checking - Anyone found with a mod or a cheat on will have their points removed and depending on severity may result in the match being void and that player being Warned / Banned
16. Map glitches - any map glitches are not allowed - this includes NO roof access / NO under mapping

17. Extra players......NO player can join the match after it has started - if BOTH clans agree that extra players can join later then that is accepted.

18. If a clan does not play at least 2 matches in a month then 2 points will be deducted for each match not played - failure to play any matches over a month may result in being kicked from the league - The points will only be deducted when we feel a clan is letting other clans down.

19 All members must run MOHAAC using Match ID aaaa - MOHAAC will autokick any player not running it - autokick is running on the AAAA servers. If it is deem'd that a player is abusing this request then failure may result in 0.5 of a point for each player not submitting a scan!!! ALL infractions will be reviewed and if deem'd a major infraction 0.5 of a point will be removed from the clan.

20 Where possible or requested Referee's will be present on a match - Referee's will be from another clan in the league or a player accepted by both clans or not at all - refs must not be in clans teamspeaks but on AAAA Ts3

21 If a clan leaves the League before completing all matches played and unplayed matches will be removed from League scores. This will result in as if they were never in the League so all points removed for all their matches effecting both played and unplayed matches.

22.These rules are only here upfront to make the game fair - its a friendly league but rules are needed to keep the game fair - If two clans agree not use MOHAAC or adjust rules together to get the game played that is accepeted.

23. Whats not accepted - ANY PLAYER CHEATING / ARGUING / BITCHING posting whines whinges slagging OFF its a fun game !!! 

Issues should be reported in private by Clan ADMIN's ONLY and I am not Judge Judy all issues should be resolved in a friendly Manner - SHIT HAPPENS its only a problem if you make it a PROBLEM.

Match Point scoring -:

3 for a win
1 for a draw
0 for a loss

Keep it clean and Enjoy!!!




Happy shooting - Kill em ALL and kill em again