St. Floretes 2 - The Return

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The .MAP file is included within the pk3 file! Review by: Mj

Saint Floretes 2

This large map is not only guaranteed good gameplay but also to give you a bit of a laugh. Why? Read on!

Presentation / Technical
The custom textures used in this map were either personalised - names of clanmembers and such - or very funny, both of which is fine in my book. It is nice to stroll around a map which has a hotel 'Fit for the princess Kinky' and other such labels on factories and buildings. I liked the way streets and factories were all labeled; a little unrealistic in a sense to have whopping great signs saying so, but for a gameplay perspective no doubt the names would come in useful. Good use of facades going down in the map, although I did find a reasonable number of textures that I thought would have been a little better scaled down a little. In some places the textures got a little boring and monotonous, but in others some really colourful textures were used well to liven it up. Whilst not perfect, the textures are mainly well used to create a great atmostphere, and a bit of a giggle. The general architecture was very squary. Although I know this is the common way to build these large organised types of maps, I think a little more diversity of angles would have made a considerable difference. Large buildings were constructed very well, such as the facories and the church as well as the rows of buildings. The insides of shops and such were mainly well detailed, although a few of the corridors were a little boring - a painting or somesuch would have livened up the corridors alot. There were nevertheless some great details - the waterwhell was great, although it seemed to spin the wrong way from its axis; and generally the wrong way to scoop water; but thats only minor. Also the pool table was well done, although a strange lighting error seemed to have sadly affected it. While the map was squared, height was greatly varied, which was nice to see. The lighting was a little boring, although practically done. Ambientlight was high, which canceled out quite a few shadows, which is a pity. Although the lighting was not done badly, I think it could have been used with more impact. The fog added to the ambience quite well - if not being a little thick - and worked well to help effectively keep the FPS reasonably high. On the subject of FPS, overall it was pretty good; a few areas which you could see alot reduced FPS performance, but for a map of that size, the map was layed out well to accomodate FPS drop. The sound was reasonable, not overdone and with some good areas of speaker sound, including some music from somewhere around the pub - it was a shame to not be able to find the exact point of sound emanation, but nevermind. Pretty well done, apart from an ubersound fix could have been included for the random dog that will come snapping at your heels if you get to close - which I thought was quite funny. It's restricted to a confined area, and therefore will not really get in the way of gameplay. The theme seemed a little unoriginal - in the words of my roommate; 'I'm sure I've seen this before'. But the original touches of things like the signs lightened things up. The theme was a little too generic, and I'm guessing it's set in England; but it could be in France...

Playability / Game Flaws
This is a well layed out objective map, plenty of routes to get to the sdkfz. On a side note, why sdkfz!?. The Objective seems to be well laid out, if a little strange that a team is specifically sent to destroy a sdkfz, and also a slite scripting error tells the allied to destroy the fdkfz'. Anyhow, quite a few camping places - maybe a few too many one entrance only rooms, but only in one area. Overall I can imagine this map to be good fun; and I have indeed been told it is so by a reliable source!

Maybe not the prettiest thing to come for MoH, but most definatley not bad at all. Nicely personalised, and good for a few cheap laughs when running around! Nevertheless, in the words of my reliable source; 'Good fun, there didn't even need to be too many of us' - which suprised me for such a large map. The all important question: 'Should I download?' Go for it! Get a few friends or clanmates and give this baby a swing!

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