Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

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Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

Out of the "MG"<-- Megagigs Tongue of tutorials I have,
I can't seem to find an easier way to try and make simple
underground drain tunnels.
I've been using the clipper tool and fitting things together at 45deg
angels, but then compile the map and can see through little holes here and there.

I've seen the bend tutorial, but unless I'm missing something, that only works for exterior looks,
and not something you can texture and see from the inside of the object.
I'm referring to the curve-primitive-cylinder tool.

The picture is just an example for now, "it's probly too small to walk through"...How do I apply the texture on the right, to the cylinder I bent on the left without the strechy look? ctrl+f wont fit it.

Aside from that, my original question was a tut on sewer/other pipes, so the next question is,
how do you do a 45deg angle pipe much easier like this,

without little leaks at the seems?
I've spent 12hrs now on a short tunnel system only to find I ef'd it up one way or another.

I prefer the 45 deg tunnels at the moment, would like to know how to do both. Unless there is an easy way of forgoing the 45deg clip, and making the 90deg corner some other way.
Thakyou for any help you may provide.


Re: Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

Hi I have not got a clue sorry but will try and get you some help.................



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Re: Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

Just been asking around for you and struggling - not sure if their is any info in the old .mpa archives here -:

Guessing you searched the guides but maybe in their somewhere -:


Would add its great to see you having a go at this Smile keep us posted either way 




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Re: Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

Tough question.. also can't remember seeing a Tutorial on this topic.. (doesn't mean there isn't one hidden somewhere haha).

I'm afraid I can't help with this, hopefully there are some mappers around, I've sent a pm to bobzilla, perhaps he can help.


There is a chance that some other maps have used a similar system already, you can search for all the maps that have a .map file with them so you could take a peek and maybe find something interesting.
(Click HERE to go directly to the list of maps that have .map files included with them).

Re: Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

Chg your resolution in your settings (mohaa) to a lower resolution and see if the leak goes away. It is an engine display, problem not a radient prob. In past, I have positioned a dark patch behind so to mask out the leak/split.

Re: Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

Thanks for the link to the .map's, that was my next step actually. Just had to find one or convert one.

Thanks also Bob. I was trying something similar to the patch idea just using the same texture.

However the same tunnel system comes up out of the ground, so when I started having problems like that above ground,

I just figured I wasn't doing something right so instead of pulling out more hair, I just thought I'd ask.

I could only find tuts on stuff like stove pipes, but nothing like storm drains to walk through.

Thanks guys for the encouragement, and I'll let you know what I find out.

If anyone has has anymore ideas or finds a tut on storm drains, please post.

Re: Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

Ok I've got it figured out. I was trying to make my tunnels harder than it really was, I'll explain that last, but for now the answers to the other questions I asked.

First of all the primitive cylinder texture on the inside and the 90 deg angle I needed to make the object longer to do what I needed, then pull the vertices,

and invert puts the texture to the inside of the mesh cylinder, surface inspector Fit, fits the texture (thanks Gold), ......


and if your tunnel is going to breach the ground surface, a combo of Clone, Invert, and Thicken will put a texture to both sides.

There might be an easier way, but that's what I've got so far.


The part that was making me pull my hair didn't seem to happen until I tried to make a Cross section. That's what seemed

to be causing the problems.

I decided to take another break from hair pulling and go make a nice stiff drink cool

I took a good swig of it and thought back to being a kid traipsing around the storm drains here and got to thinking...the pipes

didn't connect to each other like that, they had cubical junctions with flat sides! I knew I was over thinking the design, duh me.


While the tube to tube CROSS connection looks neat, I noticed It isn't real practical to walk through anyhow.

I was going to need to know some of that for other things anyway so I still appreciate the help.


Re: Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

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Re: Sewer pipes/rain drain runoff tubes.

Those tunnels look amazing already! Very awesome!
You should create your own tutorial on this Wink