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The NEW 'Autokick' program for MOHAA/SH/BT!!!

To administer your server create a "scapp-unit" (other word for Clan).
Then add your server and assign it to the created "scapp-unit". (There is a field "scapp-unit ID" which you need to set).

Multiple "scapp-units" can be created and servers attached to, each scapp-unit has its own banlist and annoucements.

You can then access the list of Players and start adminning your server.

If you want to use banning and kicking you need to change the default settings in the "kickconfig" of your server.

Default settings are "no action" hence it migth look that its not working, change that to your liking like "kick and message" to have banning enabled. There are multiple reasons why a kick or ban is due, you need to change those you would like to take effect, e.g. if you have issued a IP range ban then you need to check the corresponding setting "IP range ban" in the kickconfig to see if it does the action you desire.

The Button with the "S" in the player info window stands for "Search" and enables cross search on the collected data.

Note: This version of scapp-host only works with Mohaa/Mohsh/MohBt. If you have a Mohsh/MohBt server you need to select Mohaa as game (selecting mohsh will crash scapp-host > bug)