Saving Private Ryan - Final Scene

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Description: I began this level for a bloke who promised me 100 euros for it. He wanted it to make a movie, needless to say I never saw the euros but we all got a good map out of it. I may never have made a destroyed town if it wasn't for him so never mind all that. Its made to work with the bots, just because this is a bot map, but that doesn't make it unusable on a regular server. All you have to do is go to and read up on how to use the server side commands to change how many bots, and much more. Also you need jv's jv_bot0 or jv_bot01 to run the bots and for everything to work. Grab those files at the same address. I want too thank many people but I cant remember them all. But Corporal Punishment made the medic for me and Sgt Kia helped me with modeling. Also tltrude and JVmap helped me with this level as well. Btw don't try to destroy the tank, there is a plane that will come and bomb it in 3 minutes, you can stay out of its way if you like lol. To see all the features check out the movie in the movies section.

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