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Ruger by AccadaccA

Kudos to theripppa for making the statues for me.
Thanks go to Shadow & Noiz for beta testing / bug reporting.

Revision: It was brought to my attention that the script conflicted with a mod or something on the ICCC server.
Thanks to Major_A for telling me and to Killalot for suggested script changes.
This also gave me a chance to address a sound effect issue which resulted in totally new and better sounds.

The map is playable in Allied Assault and both expansion packs.
The pub's lower level glass doors are not breakable. Sorry they looked too darn nice to have you lot shoot them. lol

To install: Place it in your "main" directory.
To uninstall: Remove it from your "main" directory.

About Ruger.
This map is named after my German Shepherd cross Husky.... whom I named after the brand of German rifle I owned.
Ruger, the German son of a gun, is still currently alive although at the age of 9 he is in his final years so he won't be with us much longer.
Don't wait until loved ones are dead to tell them that you love them.

He is a very intelligent dog knowing at least 20 commands both verbal and hand signals.
I'm a bit of an animal nut who has trained many species of animals for my entire adult life.
Ruger has a friendly, placid and very gentle nature to all animals and roams freely with our cats, chickens and ducks. All of which he has mothered since they were new borns.
He loves them all and they love him. He was also best mate to a hand raised lorikeet (beautiful native Australian bird)"Bazinga" who still drops in for a feed and a catch-up from time to time.

Ruger is also THE chick magnet. lol
They come running from out of the woodwork to get a closer look at him and pat his long, soft fur.
For many years I have walked him daily without a leash and have had numerous people in cars stop to ask to breed him with their dog or simply compliment him on his looks and obedience, including the police a few times (both male & female).

It is illegal to walk a dog without a leash in this state yet they have never booked me or even given me a warning.
Its good when they can use common sense to over-rule state law. That's just a testement to how obedient he is.

Everybody loves him, he is just an awesome K9 member of our family.

Map video